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Cuban Amazon delivery worker doesn’t understand barriers in Miami

Cuban Amazon delivery worker doesn’t understand barriers in Miami

Cuban delivery man Amazon He does not understand the barriers in Miami, as shown in a video clip circulated on social media.

Delivering packages in a gated neighborhood was complicated for the employee, who had no patience to open the door.

However, Cuban did an “Amazon flex” (that’s what he called his entry technique) and managed to sneak through the bottom crack of the fence, then began running in search of the agent’s house.

The scene was recorded by Cuban friends who laughed at what happened to the delivery man, and shared the video on the comedy website. com. lmfaomiami.

The attitude of the young employee at the e-commerce company was in stark contrast to that of the Cuban TikToker – also an Amazon worker – who He refused to carry the package to the third floor Claiming that it was too heavy and too hot.

He was heard saying to the camera as he continued to complain about the heat and the weight of the package: “If they feel it, they will come and look for it here.”

His direct response was answered by another Cuban FedEx employee, who taught the reluctant delivery man a lesson.

“When a customer pays for a service, the service must be completed by the driver or another person. You can’t be afraid of workThe FedEx employee explained as he lifted two boxes weighing about 35 pounds onto his shoulders and carried them to the third floor.

“That’s the way it goes in the States, Dad,” he said, “when the customer pays, you have to do the service as it is, one shoulder and hold on to the other as best you can and climb over it.” he added.

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The proliferation of Cuban employees at the headquarters of booming “delivery” companies in Miami inspired this influencer Christopher Gomez -known as Christophe Criollo-, who made a parody video on the subject.

Show what Cubans working as Amazon delivery drivers look like, as photographed by the influencer Confident, bold, talkative, talkative, and some are a little lazy to climb stairs.

According to Christophe, Amazon delivery drivers – if they are Cuban – may ask you for a glass of water, offer you other services, tell you things about their lives or give their opinion on your life.