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The shocking truth about Bruce Willis’ health: “No one knows how much time he has left”

The shocking truth about Bruce Willis’ health: “No one knows how much time he has left”

Cinema community and its fans Bruce Willis68, has been rocked this year by tragic news He was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. This brain disorder, which changes speech and motor abilities, has shown a worsening in recent months, according to sources close to the actor.

Despite hopes for recovery, the reality appears to be less promising. Recent reports from people close to Willis, shared with Us Weekly, paint a bleak picture of the “Die Hard” star’s daily life.

“Bruce has good days and bad days, but in the last two months there have been more bad days than good. This experience has brought the whole family together even more. A source revealed: “No one knows how much time Bruce has left, so they are enjoying every moment.” They spend it with him.”

The Willis family has dedicated themselves entirely to his care, keeping his memory and love alive. “Bruce receives care 24 hours a day, and at least one family member is always with him,” another person commented to the aforementioned media outlets.

Willis’ partner Emma Hemming and their five daughters shared with the audience poignant moments from their daily lives during this difficult time.

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The shared photos reveal a strong, loving family bond, with intimate moments like the one showing Scout resting her head on her father’s hand.

According to the National Institutes of Health, life expectancy can vary with this disease, but some medical estimates suggest no longer than two years. Despite the uncertainty and rapid progression of the disease, the dedication and love of his partner and daughters to Willis remains steadfast.