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ANH considers it necessary to develop complementary and traditional medicine together

ANH considers it necessary to develop complementary and traditional medicine together

the National Homeopathic Association (ANH), in the context of the World Summit on Traditional Medicine that it promoted Global Health Organization (WHO), highlighted the need to develop complementary and conventional medicine together.

He insisted on three demands: greater support for research into complementary therapies to expand existing evidence, and encouraging university training in these therapies for patients. Health care professionals And to enable in a “decisive and unequivocal” way the presence of experts in these treatments in all organizations and task forces associated with them.

Alberto Sacristan, President of the National Homeopathic Association (that it), highlights that “our alignment with the message from Health and well-being should be universal and we believe that the conclusions reached at this meeting should be taken into account with the same commitment as the rest of the recommendations that the World Health Organization makes to its Member States. Patients have the right to benefit from all treatment options, including complementary and traditional medicines, which have proven benefits in health care, such as homeopathy. And always within the medical and scientific legal framework.”

ANH highlights one of the conclusions of the above-mentioned WHO Summit: the need to intensify efforts to further implement evidence-based traditional medicine interventions and approaches and, therefore, the importance of strengthening and mobilizing resources and funding directed to research, in keeping with the current demand and use of these treatments in society. “This claim becomes even more significant if we consider that according to the study conducted in October 2022 Harris InteractiveThe entity notes that 84% of Spaniards consider that complementary and traditional medicine can be developed together.

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“In addition, taking into account that 47% of Spaniards state that they have used homeopathy throughout their lives, according to the study mentioned above.” Alberto sacristan “Everything seems to indicate that there is interest on the part of society in complementary medicine in our country, and therefore increased investment in it would be reasonable,” he highlights.

Finally, the ANH highlights the fact that the World Health Organization points out “the logical need to have qualified specialists in these treatments in any body or working group associated with them. This aspect, according to the ANH, has not been systematically taken into account in the institutions of this country and that Requires immediate review and correction“, concludes the entity.