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Angelica Rivera and El Guero Castro celebrate "Thank God"

Angelica Rivera and El Guero Castro celebrate “Thank God”

Angelica Rivera and Jose AlbertoGweruCastro, re-emerging in a picture together again, the pillars of the great family they formed with their three daughters, recall antiquity in a series of modern postcards.

the Mexican actressAnd Angelica Rivera He appeared at a Christmas party with “El Güero” Castro, the father of his three daughters whom he divorced in 2008 and later married a former Mexican president.

In 2021, translator of novels such as “love distillationAnd “Mariana de la noche” and “Sin sin conceido,” Angelica Rivera, among many others, reappears with her ex-partner with whom she is captured in a series of postcards shared by one of the ex-partner’s daughters.

Angelica Rivera and El Guero Castro enjoying Christmas together. Photo: Instagram Capture

It was Sofia Castro, the eldest daughter of Angelica Rivera Hurtado and TV producer, who shared a series of photos that captured the sweet moment between her parents, which she accompanied with an emotional Christmas message to her followers.

Merry Christmas from our family to you. May everything good embrace you, accompany you, and stay with you forever? I wish you a lot of love, happiness and above all a lot of health. All my love and affection always!! The young woman wrote in a letter in English and Spanish.

There is no doubt that Christmas are special dates to enjoy with the family, something Angelica Rivera And Jose Alberto “El Guero” Castro, do not miss what they were happy about, as they distributed smiles with their daughters at the foot of a large white Christmas tree with many gifts.

Likewise, the “TV Actress” and daughter of the celebrity, also celebrated the passing of her younger sister Fernanda, who was due to test positive for the virus, already and was finally able to meet them.

Thank God @fernandacastromusica is already registered and this photo is what we were able to achieve after 1000 tries and this is the 5 of us, family if…unconventional, but more united than ever…and obviously the best.

Veronica Castro’s “brother” completed the family portrait with a series of paintings similar to those she carried.Former First Lady of Mexico”, which aroused the curiosity of subscribers who follow the young actress, as it is a gesture usually made by couples.

Definitely a family.”seagull“Now he is 52 years old, and he reflects the united family spirit that is after all.

Proof of this is the photos that were appreciated from the publication where there was a great complicity between Sophia and “Former President of DIFWho were captured with big smiles.

Alongside them, Regina and Sofia Castro, who happily share a Christmas-inspired outfit with shorts and gray blouse, front, El Güero, Sofía, and Angélica frame the postcard.

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