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And of course, Liberty and T-Mobile are activating offers for the arrival of the iPhone 15

And of course, Liberty and T-Mobile are activating offers for the arrival of the iPhone 15

After Apple revealed the details of the iPhone 15, it did not take long for the major telecommunications providers in Puerto Rico to share availability dates and offers for customers interested in purchasing the new generation of this smartphone.

Below we summarize the key renders of the devices expected to arrive from September 22.


Today, ClaroFull or affinity customers can access an exclusive pre-order so they can get a free 128GB iPhone 15, after earning a guaranteed $800 credit in 30 terms without having to trade in another phone. In the case of the 128GB iPhone 15 Pro, they can also get it for free, but only after a guaranteed $1,000 credit over 30 installments and with the delivery of an eligible device in a “trade-in,” the company said. Existing customers who have mobile and landline services with Claro are eligible for this pre-order.


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For the rest of the customers, the free iPhone 15 or 15 Pro offer will be valid under the same conditions from September 16 to 21.


“New and existing customers can now pre-order Apple iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max starting today, Friday, September 15,” said Ankit Sharma, vice president of commercial at Liberty.

As described, all Liberty customers will be able to purchase iPhone 15 at no cost and without paying for activation when they turn in an eligible user device (“Trade-in”).

For existing customers who add a line, they can pay for a new iPhone and get up to $650 back to cover the cost of paying off their old device. Meanwhile, customers who bring in their numbers from other companies, if they “trade-in” with an eligible device, will receive up to a $650 credit on a Visa gift card to pay any penalty or credit with the previous supplier.

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Sharma added that customers who want to upgrade to the latest Apple model can get the iPhone 13 for free with no activation or trade-in fees.


Starting today, September 15, new and existing T-Mobile customers will receive the following offers:

  • Get a free iPhone 15 Pro or up to $1,000 off any iPhone 15 model when you trade in an eligible device via Go5G Plus or Go5G Next.
  • With eligible device trade-ins, get up to $650 off any iPhone 15 model with a Magenta MAX plan, $350 off Go5G and Magenta, and $200 off almost all other T-Mobile plans.
  • Choose any model from the iPhone 15 series and get $700 off the second when you add a line. It was noted that this offer applies to “almost all T-Mobile plans.”
  • Choose any new Apple Watch and get another one for $300 off when you add a new watch line.