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Evertec acknowledges the intermittency in ATH Móvil service

Evertec acknowledges the intermittency in ATH Móvil service

Evertec admitted that it experienced “interruptions” in its ATH Móvil service today, though it did not reveal details about the cause of the problem or how long the situation would last.

The company’s statements come after social networks were filled with comments from people who encountered problems with ATHMóvil and other banking applications. Evertec is a service provider for ATH Móvil and Mi Banco, among others.

“Thank you for calling Tele-Banco Popular, an easy-to-use service designed to make your life easier — – Call Zero to speak with a representative,” “I like that when you need it most, ATH Móvil is not “working and My Banking Less” “Escrachao el app de @popular Again”… are some of the comments from users on the networks.

In most posts, you can read a response from the banking institution that reads: “At this time, the services of Mi Banco and ATH Móvil are intermittent. “We are working to restore it as soon as possible.”

In written statements, Evertec confirmed that they had “redoubled” their efforts to address the situation.

“At Evertec, we are aware of the importance of ATH Móvil to users in the country. We continue to focus on resolving the service outage issue and have doubled our technical resources that are working hard to return the service to normal operation as soon as possible. We will continue to inform the public of the development of this situation via Social networks”.

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