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And Bill Gates was right: this prediction could come true in 2024

And Bill Gates was right: this prediction could come true in 2024

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Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, predicted who would be next technological improvement That changes the world forever. His latest predictions focus on a methodology that challenges limits artificial intelligence (i.e.): No Self-driving vehicles.

We are in the early days of the era of self-government. I can’t wait to see the new possibilities“Announce.

Bill Gates’ prediction may come true in 2024. Source: Archive.

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“We are close to the tipping point”: technological advances that will change humans forever

A few months ago, an entrepreneur thought about artificial intelligence systems. In this way, expect that in the coming years there will be “turning point” That would forever change the development of autonomous vehicles.

Self-driving cars will allow you to take your hands off the wheel and let the system take the wheel in certain conditionsHe confirmed.

He explained along these lines: “Companies have reached a point where they have invented almost all the technologies required. Now, they have to improve the algorithms and improve the engineering aspects.”

Finally he announced itThis situation will change people radically And it means “rethinking” the Autonomous driving systems.

What are self-driving vehicles?

a Autonomous car It’s a vehicle she has Computer systems that allow us to mimic human management and control capabilities. Intuitively, autonomous vehicles are those that do not require a driver; However, the concept continues to evolve and there are several levels of autonomous driving.

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What will this transformation be like, according to Bill Gates?

The philanthropist stressed that vehicles carrying passengers will be the last to adopt this system. “Long-distance transportation will likely be the first sector, then deliveryHe explained.

He said: “Car rental companies lose a lot of money every year due to accidents caused by drivers. So they are keen to switch to self-driving fleets that are less prone to accidents.”

He finally concluded:Autonomous vehicles will eventually become cheaper than regular vehicles. And if you travel by car like me, think about the time you waste driving.”