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What gifts do the richest people in the world give at Christmas?  – People – Culture

What gifts do the richest people in the world give at Christmas? – People – Culture

Come December, many people decide Give gifts to your family and close friends. These customs go back to the nineteenth century, when the poorest people They can ask for food and drink from the rich and have celebrations in the street Between Saint Nicholas Day, which is celebrated on December 6, and New Year’s Day.

Most people They give their loved ones simple details, such as toys, clothes, lotions, technology, etc. However, many people wonder what Christmas gifts billionaires give their families.

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Recently, Forbes Colombia analyzed some of the Christmas gifts that millionaires give to their families, highlighting that some are charitable and others provide luxuries.

Christmas is a time to share with family and loved ones.

Millionaires who give charity

Some of the world’s most prominent millionaires choose to donate through charity. This approach reflects their commitment to improving the lives of others and addressing global issues.

For example, Charles FinneyKnown as the “James Bond” of charity, he donated approx $8 billion to various causes and projects around the world through his foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies.

also, Bill GatesMicrosoft founder with his ex-wife Melinda French Gatesthrough the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, during the Christmas season usually have significance Donations to social works and research in health, education and development projectsamong other things.

Moreover, it is known that Bill Gates has a habit of giving books to his close friends and family.

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But these are not the only ones, because Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex and considered by many to be one of the richest men in Spaindonated US$345 million to Spanish Public Health to purchase more than 200 state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosing and treating cancer, according to Forbes Colombia.

He is also known to give his company’s workers a Christmas basket valued at more than $215, approximately 851,518 Colombian pesos, including luxury products and beverages.

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Millionaires who give luxury

There is also a group of billionaires who prefer to invest their money in other ways Providing lavish gifts such as luxury cars, exclusive properties and other high-value items.

One of the “self-made Christmas gifts” that has caused the most buzz is this one Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, bought a 10,000-year-old watchIt was built on a mountain in Texas and its goal is to measure the passage of time, as reported by Forbes Colombia.

also, Bezos gave his fiancée, broadcaster Lauren Sanchez, a ride into space aboard the New Shepard capsule From his company Blue Origin. The exciting flight took about 10 minutes and reached a height of more than 100 kilometers above the ground.

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