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José Ramón López advierte a Xóchitl Gálvez sobre denuncia por invadir propiedad ajena

AMLO’s eldest son warns Xóchitl Gálvez about a complaint of encroachment on another’s property

Jose Ramon Lopez Beltran Eldest son of the President Andrés Manuel López ObradorPan Senator Xóchitl Gálvez warned that legal action could be taken against the lawmaker for trespassing on someone else’s property and not respecting his right to privacy.

“I reserve the right to take any legal action against you. I will not risk my family’s privacy and life,” Lopez Beltran wrote on his Twitter account.

Before the national action senator admitted he was on the call “Grey House” In Houston, Texas, rented by the family of President López Obrador’s eldest son.

“Yes, I was outside #CasaGris. Unlike you I take responsibility for my actions. Dare to assume you have a conflict of interest by living in the home of a senior executive at #BakerHughes, the company that maintains multi-billion dollar contracts with Pemex. Stop victimizing yourself,” said the legislator.

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Yesterday Lopez Beltran blamed the senator Xochitl Galvezand press corps Denise Marker To move to Houston with the intention of registering his house. “You can see that they don’t want to stop bothering about the same thing,” Lopez Beltran said.

Journalist Denis Merker said he and his team did not go Recorded at Lopez Beltran’s home. “I don’t know who’s recording you Jose Ramone because me and my crew are not in Houston, we never have been. Greetings.

Today the President’s eldest son returned to tweet a series of messages:

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“Mrs. @XochitlGalvez: Find out. Baker Hughes has developed a serious and professional concept with a prestigious law firm, where any mistake or lie can be punished with imprisonment. Read it and you will see that there is nothing unusual about renting that house.

“Don’t spy on those addresses because there’s a bad habit of spying and you could be sued for trespassing or assault on someone else’s property. The laws in Texas, like the rest of the US, are very strict on these cases.

Lopez Beltran He opined that the PAN member “I don’t think she is a bad person” who ignores many things and tries to spread rumors and stir attention for her political purposes.

“I am a father of a family and you should know that you have put my children in danger with your actions. Go on and be happy with your life. Their actions and behavior do not lead to a good destiny. I reserve the right to take any legal action against you. I am for the privacy and life of my family. I will not risk it,” he warned.

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