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Cesar Gaviria's Race to Make Liberalism a Party of Government

Cesar Gaviria’s Race to Make Liberalism a Party of Government

This Tuesday, the night of August 9, ex-president Cesar Gaviria held a meeting in his house in which he invited 48 congressmen of the community to discuss their position against the government of Gustavo Pedro.

Gaviria did not invite Housing Ministers Catalina Velasco to the meeting; and Justice, Nestor Osuna. However, the government sent them as ambassadors. For many, portfolio managers are part of liberalism, but legislators do not feel politically represented with them.

Although the results of the meeting are not yet known, there is discontent among the Liberals who feel that they do not have political representation in the Cabinet. For this reason, Gaviria tries to recreate the dialogue so that the relations between the community and Gustavo Pedro do not cool down.

The anger of the Congressmen reached a point where they did not support the tax reform and declared independence from the new government. However, the former president’s idea is that the community should be the government and the legislators are satisfied.

The presence of the two ministers in the meeting helped calm the situation and surely the outcome of the meeting will be known in the next few hours.

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