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Domingo Emanuelle asks court to remove Elizabeth Torres as congressman

Domingo Emanuelle asks court to remove Elizabeth Torres as congressman

Secretary to the Judiciary, Sunday EmmanuelAnnounced today Monday Elizabeth Torres As a representative of Congress, he campaigned in favor of state status for failing to comply with the responsibilities established by law.

“His actions and demonstrations show that he did not act in accordance with the law and the mandate of the electorate.”Emanueli told a news conference at the Judiciary headquarters in San Juan.

Torres failed to submit written statements about his alleged alleged violations of the law and failed to seek state status for Puerto Rico in the United States Congress, which is why he was elected.

Emanueli said Torres had already been formally notified and summoned. The court adjourned the hearing to April 11, 2022.

“It is clear that he is denying the validity of this law, this committee. Elizabeth Torres’ actions are absurd in rejecting a law-making proposal or exhibition and keeping her in that position.Emmanuel pointed out.

Puerto Rico’s Representative Congress Act (Act 167 of 2020) requires six state representatives to take action to advance the annexation of Puerto Rico to the United States by repeated requests to the U.S. Congress. They should also publish quarterly reports on their stated efforts.

Secretary of Justice Domingo Emanuel at the press conference. (Xavier J. Araujo Perios)

On legal appeal, In the two statements he has made to date, justice has been served on the basis of the representative’s statements, in which he has focused on criticizing and rejecting the referendum.. In addition, Torres asked Governor Pedro Pierlosi to disband the delegation, and indicated that he would not provide details about the strategy and those involved.

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“The Special Representative wants to unilaterally report on the actions that will be taken after his term expires in 2024 and he has been given a quarter of a million dollars in public funds for his indirect or covert tactics.”Reads the source, as quoted in the press release.

Torres has earned about $ 67,500 since taking office on July 1, 2021.According to Emmanuel. The law allows all delegates to repay $ 90,000 a year and up to $ 30,000 a year.

Emanueli pointed out that they did not reject Torres’ demand for the return of public funds that had been raised so far, but that they were asking for him to be fired first.

The inquiry into his efforts was carried out by the Civil Division of the Judiciary. The Agency has the power to assess the compliance of delegates with what is required by law.

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The Secretary of Justice assured that all representatives are being examined by the agency. To reporters’ questions, he clarified that the criterion for analysis would be to confirm that they have actually made arrangements. “It makes arrangements, it doesn’t get it,” he notes state status.