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Elizabeth Torres accused of political persecution by the PNP

Elizabeth Torres accused of political persecution by the PNP

Congress representative Elizabeth Torres The new Progressive Party (PNP) responded Monday to a request by the judiciary to remove him, claiming the move was political harassment, while promising that other state campaigners had violated the law.

“Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in the book Corruption and Political Harassment, officially through cases fabricated by a community eroded from its organs.”Torres responded on his social networks.

The law student has not been subjected to a criminal investigation or criminal charges have been filed against him. Earlier, he announced that he had filed a civil appeal in court seeking his removal from the Congress delegation for failing to comply with his legal obligations to the judiciary.

“It is not surprising that the island saw today against the officer elected in the election.” Torres emphasized this fact by linking corruption and impunity in recent cases.

However, the official said he was lucky to be able to fight “on behalf of the people who elected me and supported me.”

“I believe the PNP is making a big mistake today, as it did when promoting Rule 167. Shameless and without consequences.”Torres explained.

The congressional hearing about that were exactly where the PNP came from.