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Legislador de EU pide revocar visas a diputados mexicanos que crearon Grupo de Amistad con Rusia

The US legislature is asking for the cancellation of visas for Mexican delegates who have formed a friendship group with Russia.

U.S. Representative Vincent Gonzalez Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has been asked to cancel the visas of Mexican delegates who recently announced the formation of a committee. Friendship Russia-Mexico.

In a letter to Blinken and Secretary of Defense (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas, the legislator expressed his concern about the actions of these delegates, accusing them of “leaving the independent world and standing by the side”. [presidente ruso, Vladimir] Putin ”, set up that committee. The “time chosen by the lawmakers” to create this group “sends a clear message” to the United States and the free world.

Gonzஸ்lez pointed out that while Mexican President Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador “maintains a neutral stance on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the actions taken by his own party, Morena, and others suggest otherwise.”

“Mexico, our closest ally in the south, is ashamed of not leaning towards the international democratic community,” he said. On the contrary, they have refused to send any aid to Ukraine or to impose sanctions on Russia.

He lamented that elected officials and others from MORENA had expressed their support for Putin’s regime in the guise of a “friendly group.”

In light of the above and in light of the “illegal Russian occupation of Ukraine”, US Democrats Blingen and Majorcos joined forces with Ukraine to condemn this “friendly group” and order the cancellation of visas for all members of the House. Include.

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These Mexican officials refuse to condemn Russia, and instead warn that “if they support terrorism, they should not be allowed to enter, travel or invest in the United States.”

Gonzalez concludes his letter by emphasizing to Blinken and Mayorkas, “We must ensure that any foreign government official who supports Russia during this aggressive and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is privileged to enter our country.”

The United States has said “our message to the world is clear and our adversaries, who are complicit in Russia’s criminal and uncivilized behavior during this crisis, are being treated accordingly.”