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He revealed how much he earns as a chef in America and created a whole debate on the networks

He revealed how much he earns as a chef in America and created a whole debate on the networks

Erica and her husband Immigrated to a North American country with the intention of saving money. His plans for the future include to build a house in his native Ecuador, And give their two children a better quality of life. For those goals, they say, they strive every day.

One of the most frequently asked questions by women Your TikTok account There are two inevitabilities: What do you do there and how much do you earn?. So, Erika decided to share everything about her business and how she manages money.

The ticktoker noted that they live in the state of Minnesota (she did not specify the city) and that she and her husband work as cooks at the same location. In one of her latest videos, the lady revealed it He gets paid $22 an hour and creates a discussion in the comments section.

Although Ecuador does not specify How much money do you earn per week?, yes, you can calculate salary. Because that’s how it is Working eight hours a day and six days a week earns about US$1056. I mean, around US$4224 per month If this constant is held. While that may seem like a lot to some, to others it may not be more than the basics, they opined in Reactions.

He revealed how much he earns as a chef in America.

Erica was grateful to have the opportunity to pursue her goals in the company of her family. However, not everyone agrees with her. Many criticized her especially with this in mind The cost of living in the United States is very high, so that salary may not be enough to cover the expenses of a family of four.

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For those users, A content creator’s salary is not enough For harboring and storing cats in US territory. “Impossible”, “I don’t understand these videos”, “I think people living in America know this It’s like half of the minimum”, there were some comments.

Criticism escalated, and the woman shut up and came out clarifying: “In the position I am Rent payment of US$1200… “Maybe I will earn less money, but I am grateful because thank God I have a job,” the woman returned.

In another video posted on their same TikTok account, the couple made their vows His life in the North American country has lived up to his expectations. Although they miss their home country from time to time, they enjoy the process, mainly because their goal is to raise as much money as possible to build a house.

He worked in America and showed his savings.

With God’s blessing, you can be saved”, the woman posted a clip in which she can be seen taking a few hundred dollars out of an envelope. “Little by little we’re going to build our little house”, he noted. He wanted to prove that if you want to achieve something, it is possible.

Users limited themselves to congratulating him on his enthusiasm And to further encourage him to keep going: “Of course you can, non-savers are compulsive spenders”; “In the name of God you will get what you want and more”; “I believe no one would have immigrated to America if they couldn’t live and save at the same time,” commented another user.

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