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In Argentina, Maduro says "no one is doing anything" about the flight that took place in that country

In Argentina, Maduro says “no one is doing anything” about the flight that took place in that country

(CNN) — Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro says “no one is doing anything” over the Venezuelan-flagged plane in Argentina. It is retained In the country since June.

Maduro, speaking from Caracas, said on Monday his government had two objectives: “to recover the gold they intend to steal from us in London, and to recover the hijacked Conviaza plane and crew, which they intend to steal from us in Argentina.”

Along with the prime minister, Maduro was referring to a London High Court ruling in favor of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó in a dispute over more than $1 billion of Venezuela’s gold reserves stored at the Bank of England.

Regarding the plane, the president said, “I ask for support for the social, trade union and political movements of patriotic Argentina, for Peronist Argentina, for Venezuela, to recover the plane, to free the hijacked pilots. Argentina”.

CNN reached out to the Argentine government for comment on Maduro’s remarks, but said only that “it’s a matter for the judge and we can’t comment on that.”

Maduro, amid shouts, said his government was going to unleash a “massive campaign to recover the gold in London, to rescue our pilots and the Venezuelan-owned Conviaza plane” and that we were not going to allow it. Steal”.

A few days ago, the United States asked Argentina to seize a plane linked to an Iranian association, which Venezuela rejected.

Earlier, also this Monday, Chavista deputy Deostato Cabello had a direct message to Argentine President Alberto Fernandez. “He has someone commanding him because it’s executing the order of the empire. And then there’s the court order from Miami,” Cabello said.

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This is a panorama of the Venezuelan flight crew in Argentina 2:54

“The plane belongs to Venezuela and was hijacked by the government of President Fernandez. He is solely responsible for what happens to that plane and the Venezuelan crew,” the lawmaker added.

The The flight took placeA Boeing 747 Dreamliner with Venezuelan registration YV3531 has been at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires province since June 8.

It is owned by Venezuelan public company Emtrasur and recently bought from Iranian airline Mahan Air, Argentina’s Defense Minister Anibal Fernandez said in a radio interview with Berfil. The plane was sold to a Venezuelan company a year ago, Amir Hossein Zol-Anwari, manager of Mahan’s public relations office, told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

“The arrest of the plane, which was transferred a year ago, was for political purposes – including Hossein – and the crew is working for a Venezuelan company, and this issue has nothing to do with Mahan Air”.