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America will play behind closed doors at the Azteca Stadium

America will play behind closed doors at the Azteca Stadium

USA He will play behind closed doors at the start of the tournament Opening 2021. Originally, it was estimated that everything would go relatively normally to start the competition, which could not be due to the increase in injuries. COVID-19 On the Mexico CityWhich led the club to take a precautionary decision to close Aztec Stadium.

Sources commented on huge eagles Waiting for the official position from the authorities Mexico City, but they are willing to inform fans of the decision with the prior approval of MX . League, where they also have knowledge of the situation.

It is worth noting that although the file MX . League This procedure starts until July 22, and the procedure is intended to be implemented from the end of this week, because in case female americaHis game was scheduled for the first time on Sunday noon at the stadium Giant Santa Ursula.

in case if men’s team, their first home game until July 31, as part of the second day’s activity, where they will receive necaxa And if this trend continues, they will do so without people in the stands, as it was almost in the entire last tournament, except for the second leg of the quarter-final against Pachuca.

At this time, the capital is on a yellow traffic light that allows people to attend public events; However, due to the increasing number of cases, there is a possibility of a change in the epidemic traffic light, which could lead to playing games, but behind closed doors.

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Thus, this Friday will be decisive for the official decision, which will have the first impact on the women’s team.