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Alfredo Adam enters the reality show with an ace up his sleeve for victory

Alfredo Adam enters the reality show with an ace up his sleeve for victory

This Tuesday, January 16 production Celebrity House 2024 confirmed to Alfredo Adami As one of the new generation members of the most controversial reality show on television.

“This is an emotional intelligence and ego management project and I know it will give me a lot of good things.”Adami said in statements to People.

Moreover, the translator is convinced that his arrival on the reality show will be “a learning experience, meeting people who are there for a reason and who will give me something,” the media reported.

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Alfredo Adam, the most controversial signing of the reality show

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Alfredo Adami He has a successful career as an actor. Among many TV soap Where he worked, titles such as “I Don't Believe in Men,” “In the Name of Love,” “When I Fall in Love,” and “What Life Stole from Me,” to name a few, emerge from the stories.

However, nowadays, Alfredo Adam is more known for it Disagreements With other showbiz personalities, for them Sharpness On and off television forums, and for his failed romances with younger women.

Celebrity House 2024: Celebrities confirmed so far

In total, there will be 23 celebrities who will live isolated from the outside world under one roof Celebrity House 2024While their steps are monitored all the time by more than 60 cameras and microphones. So far, only 16 celebrities are known:

  • Pedro Figuera “The Singer”
  • Carlos Gomez “The Valley”
  • Daniela Alexis “La Pepecheta”
  • Silvia del Valle “La Bronca”
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Daniela Macorro

Celebrity House 2024: Release Date

La Casa de los Famosos 2024 will premiere on Tuesday, January 23 On the signal of Telemundo ¡La Casa de los Realities! 7pm/6c. In addition, you can follow all the details of the competition on the channel’s official social media sites.