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Alexa Dellanos.

Alexa Delanos in a light bikini that reveals all her curves

Alexa Delanos She gave something to talk about again in a bikini that left little to the imagination. daughter of Mirka Delanos She showed all her curves with a new post on Instagram where the young woman has nearly 7 million followers.

The young woman was wearing a mini bikini that left little to the imagination with transparent straps that seemed invisible. Undoubtedly, Alexa has left all her curves exposed to show how much she cares about her figure by eating healthy and exercising.

Comments from her fans were instant and many praised Alexa for looking great in this two-piece swimsuit. One follower wrote: “I love your poses.” Another follower added, “You are love, my regards is beautiful.” “You leave me breathless” can also be read among the comments.

Recently, Alexa gave something to talk about due to a topic brought up in “La Mesa Caliente” where her mother was Merca She had to intervene to defend her daughter. It turned out that in a conversation about the “Grail Women”, a fan of Telemundo said that the daughter of Myrka was.

However, Mirka was not silent and defended her daughter from insult.

I say, it’s about a 4 year relationship. She started small, working alone and also, when she started with her boyfriend 4 years ago, he wasn’t a billionaire’” Mirka said on “La Mesa Caliente.” “They have grown up together, she works for herself, and she makes a lot of money. In fact, she’s such a good girl that she’s the first to win, she called me right away and said, “Mom, I won this, I want to buy you a bag.” This is the kind of girl that she is and of course I will defend her to the end.”

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