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Aleida Núñez.

Aleida Núñez reveals her slim buttocks from the jacuzzi in a mini yellow bikini

If it comes to flaunting a great body, Alida Nunez She showed that she’s an expert when it comes to making the thousands of fans who follow her within her social networks fall in love, before She revealed her exaggerated curves in a light two-piece swimsuit Which is designed in the front and back.

This weekend, the Mexican actress and singer once again captured the hearts of her nearly 4 million fan followers on her official Instagram account, once again sharing a sensual series of photos in which she showcased her dazzling beauty from the Jacuzzi.

Although on previous occasions she was subjected to infarct curves skinny jeans And the mini dresses Or even bold lingerie, the beautiful Mexican actress has once again become the center of attention for designing a mini bikini.

The 41-year-old TV star appeared in her first profile picture in a dazzling yellow bathing suit, which was how she showed off her stunning beauty and perfect curves in front of the camera, and got hundreds of fun messages in which her loyal fans highlighted how beautiful and sexy she looks.

The surprise came to millions of fans when Jalisco, home of Lagos de Moreno, turned around to pose for a daring photo while turning her back to the camera, which undoubtedly attracted attention.

Later, he upped the dose of excitement and beauty with a video in which he once again revealed the graceful butt he’s gained thanks to demanding workout routines, all while submerging his legs in the water.

Of course, this series of bold photos ended up being loved by the families of those who frequently visit her on said social profile.

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As she famously told her in another recording, the bathtub was a gift that arrived at her home, so it certainly wouldn’t be the first or the last time her fan’s pupil would approve of this new corner of her home.

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