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Airlines in crisis pay three times as much

United Airlines pays three times as much to its pilots Is traveling Throughout January to ease staff shortages triggered by the rapid spread of the Omigron variant Govit-19.

United, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Skywest, Alaska Airlines and Otras Airlines More than 10,000 have been canceled Flights Since December 23, citing severe weather and an increase in sick calls from the team testing positive for Govt disease.

Interruptions occur during company executives Airlines Predicted to be the most exciting days since the outbreak.

On Friday, Airlines Nearly 1,500 were canceled Flights Americans, according to the surveillance site Flights FlightAware. United canceled more than 200, about 11% of its prime time.

Airline Pilots Association, a union of United and Pilots Is traveling Brian Quickley, senior vice president of operations at United Airlines, told CNBC in a note to staff on Friday.

Pilots will be paid three and a half times their pay to fly the plane Is traveling Open between December 30 and January 3 and triple the fee Is traveling Collection between January 4th and 29th as per note.

“Due to the rapid spread of the COVID Omicron variant, we are currently seeing record levels of sick calls from pilots,” the Pilots Association wrote to its members. “The impact of the process is clear and United have experienced a large number of cancellations over the past week.”

United flight attendants also receive an additional charge Is traveling And others Airlines, Including JetBlue, American, Southwest and Spirit have increased employee pay to avoid disruption. Flights Holidays.

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