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Adamara Lopez becomes Barbie in pink

Adamara Lopez becomes Barbie in pink

the beautiful Actress and host From the morning program, a new day Adamari Lopez With beautiful hazel eyes, she was dressed in a cute pink outfit, and thanks to this tone, she immediately reminded us of a beautiful doll. Barbie.

It wasn’t just the color the coquette used Adamari LopezI also helped design files Flirty pink outfitSince these were two pieces, a duck skirt at the bottom and a jacket, the fabric had a slightly velvety texture giving it a more flattering look.

Undoubtedly, the ex-wife of singers Luis Fonsi and Tony Costa looked like a schoolgirl, thanks to the design of her outfit that also accompanied her with a pair of white high-heeled shoes, which reached just above her knees a little.

Although her figure wasn’t quite visible, a few that could be discerned was very cute, with such a look and a definitely angelic face. Adamari Lopez Conquered more than one.

The post shared him on his Instagram stories, and his outfit was likely used to broadcast one more episode of Un Nuevo Día, a show he’s been on since 2012.

Adamari Lopez dresses like Barbie look cute floral | Instagram @adamarilopez

A day earlier, some videos were shared on Instagram in the “Hoy Día” account, in which the driver showed her gaze at the cameras in front of the recording and behind the scenes, as her colleagues encouraged her to dance.

That’s because she looked exactly like she was flirting BarbieSo much so that in the background, Aqua’s hit “Barbie Girl” is heard, a hit in 1997 that’s still played to this day, and is truly a classic.

click here If you want to watch Coquito video.

Adamari Lopez, her clothes don’t fit anymore

In the video, someone gives Adamari Lopez a hat so she can dance in her most perfect outfit, while taking a few short samba-style steps and walking around showing off her new figure after losing a few kilos.

What may catch their attention for some is the fact that turning a part of his back, exactly in his skirt, you can see that someone has adjusted the dress so that it does not fall off, he has lost so much that he now has to adjust your clothes.

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