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Carmen Salinas: How are you today, Friday, December 3rd?

Carmen Salinas: How are you today, Friday, December 3rd?

He was last november 11 When I was shocked midway through the show when I found out that the actress Carmen Salinas hospitalized after suffering brain hemorrhage, Which Keep her in a coma from that day.

Her health has since been reported to be serious but stable, because the actress’s organs are working properly; In the early days, the family of the actress daily provided the medical report, but since there was not much progress, they decided that only when there is a radical change in them, they can report it to the media.

How is Carmen Salinas now?

According to the latest report that Carmen Placencia, granddaughter of Carmen Salinas, Shared with the media revealed that the actress Significant improvement because the cerebral hemorrhage was slightly absorbed, So they hope that the bleeding will be completely gone after a month or a month and a half.

In addition to this news, relatives Carmen Salinas revealed that the actress is already breathing on her ownAnd Although she is hooked up to a respirator, she doesn’t use it because she has it just in case she needs it, but the actress is breathing spontaneously. So far, the actress’s family has not shared the results The tests that will be done to see if Carmen Salinas listens to her relatives while in a coma.

“They’ll start with some tests called auditory potentials, because we don’t know if he’s listening or not. The potentials won’t tell us what he’s listening for or if he’s encoding auditory messages, it’s going to tell us how the neurotransmitters, the ear-brainstem privileges,” explained Carmen Placencia

Carmen Salinas left her participation in the TV series “My Fortune I Love You” unfinishedWhich is broadcast from Monday to Friday on Al-Nujoum channel at 8:30 pm From life to “Doña Magos”, Currently we can see her sharing every day but this will be for a short time due to the cerebral hemorrhage that keeps her in a coma, He will be replaced by actress Maria Rojo.

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