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Actor Alain Aranda reveals leaving Cuba: “Those were very sad days”

Actor Alain Aranda reveals leaving Cuba: “Those were very sad days”

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The young Cuban actor Alain Aranda recently revealed that he was able to leave the island with his wife, talking with her about the possibility of the trip.

In an interview on the program “La casa de Maka”, the artist explained that he was evaluating options with his partner until the news of the humanitarian parole announced by the Biden administration last January.

At that time, they thought of some of his wife’s uncles and the Cuban Crisal Dominguez to fulfill the application, and they immediately went to work.

“They applied to us on January 8. This is the second day that this law has come out. Fortunately, he was approved within a month, however, weeks later his wife did not receive a travel permit.

“On February 1, the approval came to me. I filled all the required documents. They sent me the travel permit that morning. My wife has not received anything yet. The days of agony have begun,” he said.

“Those were very painful days. She was very depressed. It hurt us to finally make that decision. On April 4, the acceptance came to her,” she recalls.

Four days later, on April 8, the two arrived in the United States.

Through social networks, the artist has been sharing pictures of his recent stay in this country, which has received dozens of Cuban actors.

The actor shares releases in various parts of Florida, some in Miami and others in Naples, where he is seen in the company of family and friends.

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“Many greetings and blessings to all who emigrated for a better future”; “Congratulations my love you deserve it so much. A thousand blessings”; “Many congratulations, I wish you all the success in the world, you deserve it, I’m so happy for you,” some of her followers responded to the announcement.

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