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About 1,500 taxpayers are yet to receive it

About 1,500 taxpayers are yet to receive it

About 1,500 taxpayers in the U.S. have yet to receive their $1,300 stimulus check. Details below.

Five states provide direct payments to their residents in November and continue throughout the year. The United States’ perspective tends to maintain economic assistance that frees up family finances.

For example, in the state of Minnesota, the incentive check these days is $1,300.00 USD. Although the above-mentioned assistance started last August, about 150,000 payments have not yet been collected, according to the responsible government officials. What is the reason? Here we say.

Most notably, all checks that have not yet been cashed have an impending expiration date. The Minnesota Department of Revenue has announced that those who do not purchase the money by the end of this month will lose their right to it.


Minnesota tax officials believe many checks are still not being cashed because eligible taxpayers are wary of such assistance. Many people may tear checks because they feel they are being cheated by this direct payment. Another theory is that the money does not reach its destination due to problems with correct address of the recipients and other factors.

Many of the checks scheduled for these direct payments were sent between August 16 and September 27 this year. Their expiration date is 60 days after they are issued, as established by state laws.

If you are eligible and have not yet received a direct payment of up to $1,300.00 USD, check your email often. The revenue department has announced that it will resend the checks by the end of November.

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More than two million people have received direct payments in Minnesota to date, according to official data. Eligibility is determined from information in tax year 2021.