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“Now I’m home or dead”

“Now I’m home or dead”

A Cuban santero, who was wanted by police in Miami last August, assured a live broadcast in Havana that he is now patria o muerte.

Santiago Rivero Morales He was involved in a shooting in Miami that injured a 22-year-old manHe did a broadcast this week in which he briefly explained why he left America.

In the video, which has since been removed from his networks, he said that he had received an immigration order to leave the country in 2021, that he did not have a driver’s license and that his bank accounts had been closed. So, with no future for him, he plans to restart his life in Cuba.

“My country welcomed me with open arms, actually, I don’t have any problems in my country. I’m here because I’m Cuban. No one can leave,” he said.

“Now I am one hundred percent home or die,” he asserted.

Later, he said that he doesn’t trust America’s justice system, that its news programs are completely manipulated, and that the Miami media is nothing but rumors and its news is not true.

Likewise, he blamed the Cuban-American host Alexander Otola Making Miami-Dade County pure gossip.

“Here in Cuba, hell, I hope the gossip gets out, if not, I’ll have to go to China to live,” he concluded.

From what can be seen on his network, Papalao makes his home in Cuba.

Also, he has a girlfriend with whom he wants to live well.

Other “incentives” for Rivero Morales to return to Cuba may include his relationship with Fidel Castro’s controversial grandson, Sandro Castro.

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In October, She celebrated her birthday in Cuba with SandroHe posted a photo of the two of them hugging with the caption, “A good friend.”