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US reviews tools to hold Daniel Ortega, Rosario Murillo and their successors accountable after leaving OAS

US reviews tools to hold Daniel Ortega, Rosario Murillo and their successors accountable after leaving OAS

The United States Department of the Interior announced the withdrawal today Nicaragua of the Charter Organization of American States (OAS)According to his statement, they are continuing to review mechanisms to hold them accountable for their actions against the Nicaraguan people.

“The end of Daniel Ortega And Rosario Murillo Further isolating Nicaragua from the international community demonstrates its desperation to avoid any attempt. OAS or like-minded allies to hold them accountable for gross human rights abuses,” said the statement released this Sunday morning.

State Department updates list of abuses for which Daniel Ortega, Rosario Murillo and their successors must answer, cataloging the abuses of the dictatorship.

“Their abuses include the unjust detention, sentencing, and ill-treatment of political prisoners, including Bishop Rolando Alvarez; attacking independent journalists; and forcing hundreds of civil society organizations and educational institutions to close or hand over their operations to the state,” they note.

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The State Department says the actions of Nicaragua They insult the Western Hemisphere’s commitment to democracy and, while Ortega and Murillo denounce the OAS’s democratic charter, they must answer to the world.

“The United States, together with our allies OAS, continues to review all available and appropriate tools to hold Ortega, Murillo and their proxies accountable for their actions. “We renew our call to the Nicaraguan authorities to fulfill their obligations and comply with the recommendations of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights,” they agree in the communication.

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The document concludes by explaining that the OAS is the premier multilateral organization in the Western Hemisphere and reminds the people of Nicaragua that it is the dictator and his henchmen who are paying for their actions.

“The United States reaffirms its support for the Nicaraguan people and their pursuit of fundamental freedoms, human rights, and democracy,” the document said.

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In 2021, the Dennis Moncada, President of NicaraguaIt pointed to the OAS as “a political forum to serve as an instrument of US interference and intervention,” thus justifying its withdrawal from that democratic space.