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A tropical cyclone forms in the Gulf of Mexico

A tropical cyclone forms in the Gulf of Mexico

The Cuban Meteorological Center has warned of the risk of tropical cyclone formation. The creature appeared in an area of ​​slow-moving low pressure in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.

The system is well organized today, with areas of heavy rain forming near its center.

“This afternoon a reconnaissance aircraft surveyed the system and found it to be a tropical depression,” the note said.

As of 5 p.m., its center was located 615 kilometers northeast of US Key West and 700 kilometers north-northwest of Pinar del Rio, Cabo San Antonio.

At this time, the maximum wind speed is 55 kilometers per hour, strong gusts, and a central pressure of 1007 hPa.

The system will maintain an erratic movement during the following hours. As of this Friday, it will tilt its path to the south with a certain increase in its translational speed.

Cuba’s Westward Passage

Forecast models indicate that the species’ path will bring it closer to western Cuba. That is why we need to inform you about its future evolution.

It may attain tropical storm status by next morning. However, in On Friday afternoon the body will find an unfavorable environment, which will cause its weakness.

Experts believe it may be the most debilitated and residual casualty in Cuba.

Due to the system’s proximity and moist flow from the southwest, large parts of the country will experience numerous showers and thunderstorms.

Reports suggest that the rains will be heavy and heavy at some places, with special emphasis on the eastern region, where the most significant accumulations are expected.

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