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A tech company boss fired hundreds of workers during a Zoom call

A tech company boss fired hundreds of workers during a Zoom call

Enjoy CEO Ron Johnson who sacked hundreds of British and Canadian workers at Zoom meeting

Ron Johnson, CEO of Enjoy, Tech Support, Delivery and former Apple Retail Leader, Hundreds of Enjoy employees were fired at Zoom meeting, According to a video of the meeting obtained by Motherboard, from Vice News.

Johnson was seen in the video Explain to UK and Canadian employees that they have all been laid off.

The bleak picture marked the unofficial end to a week of uncertainty at the company, and comes after Motherboard said the company told employees it was “hoping” it would pay them.

Some of them told the outlet that they eventually got paid, but the startup had fun in its last moments.

According to Bloomberg Law, Thursday morning Enjoy is filing for bankruptcy and exploring a sale.

In the video, Johnson says so after a consultation process “This has resulted in layoffs (dismissals) for all UK staff. I am unfortunately reporting that the Enjoy Council is delivering all UK staff with a notice of redundancy today.”

Enjoy an e-commerce platform.

I understand that this is not the outcome any of us wanted. Over the past four years, we have worked together to build a profitable business in the UK. But it was a challenge, as we all know, to get the economic unit right.”he added.

He then went on to refer to his operations in Canada where, according to Johnson, “hard work” had been done but “medium-term profitability” was not in sight.

“Unfortunately, we will also be closing our operations in Canada starting today. Like you, the Canadian teams have worked hard to build a successful business but we don’t see a profitable path in the medium term in Canada either.”The CEO of Enjoy.

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Regarding its US operations, Johnson acknowledged that they have been in talks with Asurion to reach a financial agreement that “provides capital to continue operating as we restructure our business.”

Enjoy half delivery tech support company half. Johnson’s vision was to bring the retail store into the homes of consumers, They can try different products and an expert can help them decide what to buy.

Enjoyed focusing on telecommunications and electronics, partnering with telephone companies, but also had the ambition to venture into other sectors such as fashion.

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