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A new study revealed that Earth’s water is older than the sun

The origin of terrestrial waters is much older than the sun, planets and any celestial body in the solar system. This is what we know.

Not even the main star of the solar system It is as old as the earth’s waters, According to observations from the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array) radio observatory, in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile. According to researchers, it seems that water is present on our planet It originated in interstellar space.

NASA defines this region as “the place where solar matter and its magnetic field are constantly flowing They stop influencing what surrounds themAs published in space place, your platform for childhood. This is the water that is present on Earth’s surface today Well formed outside the influence of our sun. That’s how they found out.

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In a galaxy far, far away

Illustration representing the solar system | credit: WikiImages / pixabay

It’s amazing that ALMA astronomers have found the origin of terrestrial water far from here. Specifically, in It forms the solar cloud in V883 Orionis, a star in its early stages of its life located in the constellation Orion. This place is 1,300 light-years away from Earth, however, and it could be the “missing link” that explains it. How did we become the blue planet?.

This young star It is surrounded by a ring of cosmic gas and dustsay the researchers. Just as in the Oort cloud, the envelope that envelops our solar system, these elements eventually become en asteroids, comets, planets and even stars. In this space, they were able to trace water in a gaseous state:

Only in this way, explains John J. Tobin, astronomer at the National Radio Astronomical Observatory (USA) and lead author of the study, it was possible to “trace the origins of water in our solar system Even before the formation of the sun.

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According to a study recently published in naturethe composition of carbonated water found in V883 Orionis is very similar to what has been determined in comets of our solar system. This confirms, according to ALMA researchers, that terrestrial waters arose billions of years ago, long before the birth of the sun.

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Not only that: it seems that it was interstellar space that, billions of years ago, allowed us to obtain the vital resource of our planet. Probably The most important inheritance we got from the universe.

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