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A new health setback for the British royal family: Camilla does not raise her head

A new health setback for the British royal family: Camilla does not raise her head

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the British royal family It continues on everyone's lips and not for overly optimistic reasons. Health has played a trick on many members of the Windsor clanBut the case of Princess Kate Middleton is particularly worrying. The silence and mystery surrounding her abdominal surgery and hospitalization make all eyes focus on her. This coincided with King Charles III's prostate enlargement operation, as well as with the sick leave of Prince William, who was keen to help his wife in her recovery, which was not scheduled until Easter. Thus, Queen Camilla is the crown's only hope for acting work, but He suffered a new medical setback, although not on a personal levelBut through a new challenge faced by a family member. Health puts the family under control again.

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Two weeks after it was announced that the Princess of Wales would be absent for three months and the King was admitted to the operating room, new bad medical news arrives within the family. Operating rooms will reopen to welcome a member of Queen Camilla Parker's immediate family, it was revealed on Wednesday morning in the Daily Mail. This is Aisha Chand, the niece of the British consort, daughter of her brother Markwhich must be intervened as a result The “painful and intolerable” problem of endometriosis.. He has been suffering from this disease for several years, but surgery has not been recommended until now.

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Endometriosis is an irregular growth of tissue that lines the uterus into other organs, most often spreading to the ovaries and fallopian tubes. It's very painful, as Queen Camilla's niece seems to be experiencing: “It's isolating, painful and completely unbearable. Every month I take hundreds of painkillers, I faint frequently, accompanied by vomiting, and I spend nights and days kneeling on the floor crying. All this is followed by severe waves of Helplessness and depressiondetailing Ayesha Chand herself, who works at an art gallery in New York.

Queen Camilla's niece wanted to open up about her illness and time in the operating room with the aforementioned British media outlets, so she gave her exclusive: “Endometriosis is very difficult to diagnose, treat, and ultimately cure.”. According to statistics, one in ten women suffers from it, but due to the impossibility of diagnosing the disease, the number is likely to be twice this number. Most women live this pain cycle in silence. “I'm lucky I had surgery within a few weeks.”. With her testimony, Aisha Chand wants to follow the example of her uncle, King Charles III, in educating women about the necessity of undergoing examinations and not experiencing pain in silence. The same thing the King did with his prostate disease, from which he is now recovering at Clarence House, and which encouraged other men to become aware and act. With his example, consultations with doctors doubled, which the king is very proud of. Let's see if her niece has the same effect and helps other women.

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