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Becky G shows off her body transformation and shares an important thought |  Los 40 Urban

Becky G shows off her body transformation and shares an important thought | Los 40 Urban

If something stands out Becky J It is their transparency and naturalness on social networks. On several occasions he shared with his fans the importance he attaches to her Psychological health And visit a psychiatrist if necessary. Thanks to this, she was able to feel better about herself and enjoy life more. This is something that many celebrities go through who are under daily pressure and are required to show their best version. Some of them are just trying to cure it.

The native of Inglewood (California, United States) but of Mexican origin shared something else with her followers on her Instagram account. He showed his physical change after being persistent Exercise and strengthen the body. Something doesn't happen overnight and forces you to put excuses aside.

“'Someday' is not on the calendar.”The artist says in describing the photos in which she appears in front of the gym mirror. He wears a green military uniform that highlights his muscles.

These words have a deeper meaning than we imagine. The singer wanted to take advantage of this opportunity Encourage your fans To live a healthy life in which physical exercise plays an essential role. For this there are no excuses. Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

The publication of these photos caused a complete revolution among the artist’s followers, who were flooded with responses and compliments. “Okay, I'm going to the gym,” says one user. “You look beautiful,” another follower adds. “Who is this? I went from Becky as a girl to Becky as a woman.” “Our Goddess” is another beautiful comment to read.

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Our heroine is also experiencing an exciting professional phase after receiving an Oscar nomination for her performance Fire insidewhich is part of the soundtrack for Flamin' Hot: The Story of Hot Panthers. “There are no words that can define what this means for our community,” he said on the networks. Congratulations, Becky G!