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Lupita Lara, the star banned at the best moment of her career due to her excessive brilliance

Lupita Lara, the star banned at the best moment of her career due to her excessive brilliance

Lupita Lara appeared in “Surviving my XV” and thus commemorated the generations who enjoyed her in “My Minister”. (Photo by Jaime Nogales/Medius Y Media/Getty Images)

Stories of Televisa's veto continue to provide something to talk about. There were many celebrities who suffered from the punishments of the TV station for various reasons. One of them was debut actress Lupita Lara when she was experiencing the best moment of her career.

Film premiere Survival XV And 2023 brings with it the opportunity to see Ms. Lara on screen again. At 73, she played Danae's drunken grandmother (Bérénice Jungetaud). He has not appeared in films since 1991, the year he joined the cast shame, A work directed by Carlos Carrera.

Unknown to new generations but fully recognized by previous generations, the actress revived the nostalgia of those viewers who watched and enjoyed her character as Lupita in the family series. My secretary During the second half of the seventies and the first half of the eighties.

Another sector of the audience remembered her for her role as Elena Martinez Bustamante, the classic villain of the TV series. the monster Who opposed Natalie's (Victoria Ruffo) relationship with Victor Alfonso (Guillermo Capetillo) because the girl belonged to a low-income group and because she wanted him to marry a distinguished woman like Brenda (Rocio Bankuels).

What many probably didn't remember is that late in the series, Lupita Lara was replaced by Nuria Bagis. The credits were announced in 1983 for one and in 1984 for another. But what is the reason for this change? Due to pressure from Televisa, which ended in an “act of rebellion” on Lara's part.

In 1983 he worked on both projects, My secretary And the monster. He had proven himself on the show since 1978, he was a popular star among the audience and he along with the rest of the cast kept this content in people's tastes, which is why the company decided to continue broadcasting the series in the 1980s.

As far as serials are concerned, the audience has been keeping her in mind a lot due to her appearance in them Where the road ends (1978), a romantic melodrama in which she starred with singer Rafael as her partner. He accepted the invitation to join the cast the monster Because she wanted to try herself with another type of character and because at that time it was already common for actresses and actors to combine shows and series.

For the unexpected success he achieved with him My secretary He added that from his scoundrel the monster. However, this made Televisa executives uneasy. They approached her to tell her that they did not welcome her excelling in two subjects at the same time. Since the highlight of that moment was the series, they asked him to resign from the series.

“People from Televisa come and say to me: ‘You have to stop My secretary Because you've already seen yourself a lot in the series. It shows too much, you see too much and it doesn't suit us. (They told me later) You either leave one or you leave the other. And I stayed with My secretary. Then he commented in an interview with Miguel Garza TV: “Then they banned me.”

Leaning towards the programme, Lupita Lara left the series at the precise moment of its connection with the public due to the anger she had aroused due to her disapproval of Victoria Ruffo's romantic relationship with Guillermo Capetillo. She was replaced by Noria Bagis, who had just played a terminally ill woman who had found a partner for her husband Amalia Batista (1983).

Lara focused exclusively on the series without imagining that after two years it would go off the air after being on the air for nine years. It ended, according to the actress, because of a disagreement between producer Humberto Navarro and Emilio Azcárraga Milmo: “Since the producer was a good friend…of the producer over there…they had a fight. And then, just for that reason.”

He also did not believe that closing that session would result in a veto of his case. Once he started looking for opportunities to join other productions, he received rejections and rejections. Televisa has not forgiven him for his choice to stay My secretary Instead of continuing as the “bad guy”. the monster.

“It hurt me very, very much. I went to Televisa and asked them for a job to see what was out there. And there was nothing. They banned me from traveling for a while. It took me a lot of work to get back (to acting). It was very frustrating. He's trying to do a lot of things. I got into commercials, I got into different things. Yes, I was very depressed. And what's more, they close doors on you without taking you into consideration as a woman, without taking into account a wonderful career.

From 1985 to 1990 she was banned from the company. He returned with the series Nobody love it With the small role of Amelia de Morales. But the distance of those five years took its toll: the excellent treatment he had received was gone. Gradually he appeared in more television series with short-time characters. The projects that opened the doors took between one and two years to integrate. “They put me down,” he thinks of that period.

Today, at 73 years old, she would like to play a woman her own age in stories or plots that invite the audience to generate empathy, reflect on tolerance and convey love, a feeling that she sees as increasingly lost in the world. . Basically, a character like Secretary Lupita exists in the present day.

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