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Alida Nunez Takes A Luxury Trip, Did Her Millionaire Boyfriend Take Her?

Alida Nunez Takes A Luxury Trip, Did Her Millionaire Boyfriend Take Her?

Model and Actress Alida Nunez He travels on some of the paradisiacal beaches outside the country, which has aroused the skepticism of fans who wonder if this luxurious visit is also a gift from Millionaire boyfriend Bubba Salisburywho took her to Asia last year.

The TV presenter also announced that she has been dating a Texas businessman for a few months now. He denied that he met him on his VIP page as confirmed by a famous entertainment magazine, but he indicated that it is not an official relationship yet, because they hardly get to know each other.

The relationship became public after some photos of her were leaked. Alida Next to the millionaire on a trip to Dubai. In the photos, the artist can be seen doing some tourist activities, taking a tour of the most emblematic places and, above all, enjoying a sumptuous dinner.

Alida Nunez in Cuba

This Saturday, the 41-year-old Nunez announced to his followers InstagramWhere he has 3.6 million fans and he is not in Mexico, But he traveled to Havana, Cuba. In the stories he uploaded to the said social network, he was seen In a hotel overlooking the sea Paradise Island.

Alida Nunez in Cuba Photo: Exclusive

Although it seemed that in his first edition it was a vacation, everything seems to indicate that it works, because it was written in a second story”Soon a new video. Cuba…”, and appears next to Joel Echeveria s Victor Guadarrama.

Alida Nunez has shown for a few days that she has big surprises for her followers who are hoping to see her on stage. Meanwhile, he continues to pamper them Some exclusive photos on his VIP page, because a few days ago he gave his Valentine’s Day gift in which he was seen in a Ferrari.

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