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A NASA executive has spent thousands of dollars on relief from COVID-19 on personal luxuries


April 22, 2021 09:48 GMT

The executive’s defense lawyer said his client “regrets what he did” and “hopes to be able to move forward and move on.”

Andrew Tezna, a 36-year-old senior NASA executive, Admission of guilt Bank fraud last Monday, after he was accused of fraudulently requesting more than 350 thousand dollars in aid for the Corona virus and using the money for his personal expenses and debts, according to the American Justice newspaper.

The Special Agent said, “NASA has placed great confidence in Tezna. Leveraging the CARES Act to obtain loans in a fraudulent manner not only violated the agency’s trust, but also the trust of Americans who sought assistance in facing the difficulties and legitimate needs facing their business.” Official Mark J. Zelensky.

Despite the high salary earned thanks to his position at the agency, Tezna filed three fraudulent requests under the Paycheck Protection Program, designed to help small businesses keep paying their employees’ salaries during lockdown due to the pandemic.

According to court reports, Tizna filed the requests on behalf of his wife and mother-in-law, in addition to others under a pseudonym for companies that do not exist.

Between May 20 and June 4, the federal government paid $ 272,284 In Loans for Tezna, she used it to pay off personal debts and carries a wide range of luxuries, including Expenditures on cars, pool, home improvements and even dog breeders.

Additionally, Tizna filed false unemployment claims using her mother-in-law’s name and Social Security number, for which she received a total of $ 15,950 between May and October of last year.

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“People’s greed, especially when it comes to obtaining fraudulent funds to help people in need, is really disappointing,” said Daryl J. Waldon, Acting Special Agent for the Internal Revenue Service’s Division of Criminal Investigation.

For his part, said the defense lawyer for Tizna Big Patti pointed out That his client “regrets what he did” and “hopes to be able to move forward and bypass it”

Tezna faces a possible conviction for 30 years in prison You must pay at least $ 288,000 in refund.