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A direct payment incentive trial of $600 dollars was announced in the United States

A direct payment incentive trial of $600 dollars was announced in the United States

In the United States, many workers are affected by the mass layoffs now common in various labor sectors.

This is the case of California farm workers, who have seen this situation firsthand.

That's why the Employment Development Department (EDD) will send $600.00 USD in new relief to these affected workers.

So, a non-profit organization was awarded $7 million in funding by the Department of Employment Development.

It is a California Farmers Cooperative and its mission is to support agricultural workers affected by layoffs in the state.

In this sense, Marco Lizarraga, Executive Director of the Farmers Cooperative, gave some statements to the North American press in this regard.

The funding will be split between professional development and $600.00 USD assistance, the official said. “The service usually consists of guiding the worker to find another job, but primarily we provide training,” commented the managing director.

Likewise, Marco Lizarraga pointed out that the former farm workers will be able to receive their $600.00 USD check immediately.

Who is eligible?

Let's remember that this is only $600.00 USD economic relief for agricultural workers. That's why, according to a report by the Department of Employment Development, these employees must meet certain requirements.

Meanwhile, to access the new lump sum of $600.00 USD, the most important thing is that these workers are affected by the recent layoffs.

If we cite examples, we can see the layoffs of companies like Prima Wawona, Campbell Soup Supply or Kern Vineyards.

Pack 'n Save, Foster Farms, Silken Containers and Mariani Nut Company are also on the list. Finally, Trimas, King's Garden Inc. and Premium complete the group.