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A Cuban immigrant left behind in the Darien jungle by her son is at risk of losing her leg

Martha LyonCuban Abandoned To his son in Darren the forestIn Panama, while they were both crossing this dangerous migration route, he was on the verge of losing his leg to an ulcer that was very difficult to treat.

Leon remains stranded on Panamanian territory, according to journalist Javier Díaz UnivisionWho determined that the woman is waiting for something new passport Which allows him to meet Judith Rijas León, the daughter who lives in Brazil.

We must remember that LazarusAnd the son who abandoned her Refusal to deliver the document It would hasten the reunion of mother and daughter.

The published photos reveal the delicate condition of the sores the woman still suffers from on her legs, injuries resulting from the days she was left in the forest.

According to the report of the aforementioned source, Marta Leon He did not fully recover, and it is possible that one of his legs will have to be amputated due to the severity of some of the ulcers he suffers from.

Meanwhile, from Brazil, Judith Rejas He asked the North American authorities to prevent his brother from entering American territory. After what he did to his mother

The story of this Cuban mother shocked thousands of users at the end of last August, when it was announced that the woman had spent six days abandoned by a river in the jungle area between Panama and Costa Rica, suffering from fractures in her legs. .

After she and her son fell off a cliff, while they were on their way to immigrate to the United States, he left her and never returned to help rescue her. His name is Lazaro and he said he thought his mother was dead.

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One migrant found Marta badly injured on the road and asked for help on social media. The Cuban mother was rescued by indigenous people and wolves and taken to a migrant center.

After this unfortunate case became known, which quickly spread on social networks, Marta León’s relatives started a fundraising campaign to promote the reunion of mother and daughter in Brazil.