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A body language expert revealed the intimate relationship between Nicolas Maduro and “Selita” (video)

A body language expert revealed the intimate relationship between Nicolas Maduro and “Selita” (video)

Nicolas Maduro and Celia Flores – Archive

Andy Salandy, an expert lecturer in neurolinguistics, revealed on social networks the intimate relationship between Nicolas Maduro and his wife Celia Flores, also known as “Celita.”


“It was really surprising for me to see this video and the boldness of Nicolas and Celia giving us a completely planned and organized scene,” Salandi commented on his Instagram account, where he described in great detail the scene of the couple just before going. Vote in the referendum for Essequibo.

Andy Salandy, expert lecturer in neurolinguistics. Photo: @teachersalandy / Instagram

Here are the keys to analyzing body language that Salandi performs:

1. Notice how they point their fingers at each other (a negative sign in our country Venezuela that people do not point their fingers at them) but the most curious thing is that the cilia begin to move them a little, a sign of scolding. When parents say “You’re good, little boy.”

2. A very clear and obvious sign “Do not touch me or my sleeve.” Notice how Celia clearly rejects Nicholas’ hand on the coffee wrapper, but perhaps what tells us most about her intolerance of this is that after that little touch, Celia begins to rub her hands as a sign of “washing,” which could indicate disgust and rejection.

3. Celia’s face can be translated as “Get him out of here” and he also opens his nostrils, which may tell us, according to body language, that something or someone disgusts us, which reinforces what was explained above.

4. The cat effect, which is when our face turns and imitates signals from this animal line, can indicate someone who is ready to attack or disturb someone (but in this case, the presence of a cat in front of us, can also be associated with mirror neurons and similar behavior) CAT or CAT? Is it really theirs? I don’t know, something strange is happening…

5. “First in line.” You’ve seen Celia’s face, haven’t you? She was surprised that Nicholas didn’t let her be a lady first, and at least that’s how we can translate that according to her neuro-linguistic signals.

6. It is surprising how Nicholas takes Celia’s wrist to control her, and she is constantly blinking, which may indicate a lack of understanding of what is happening.

7. Nicholas wrote in a line of reprimand for Celia’s mistakes. “You don’t drink coffee because we’re fighting,” they clearly saw my analysis and the details I commented on in the past that they were not feeling well, that they couldn’t stand each other and that Celia would be afraid of her for him.

Video: @teachersalandy / Instagram

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