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The government calls on the international community to be cautious and points out that they respected the election results

The government calls on the international community to be cautious and points out that they respected the election results

After the representative’s actions against the electoral process and international condemnations of the danger of constitutional collapse, The Guatemalan government is speaking loudly.

In the midst of condemnations of the recent actions taken by the Public Prosecution against President-elect Bernardo Arevalo and the results of the electoral process, The Guatemalan government calls on the international community to be cautious He confirms that they respect the results of the general elections held this year.

On Friday, December 8, the MP revealed new investigations against the president-elect and other members of his Simela Movement party. This sparked reactions from the national and international sectorswhich suggests that democracy in Guatemala is at risk due to these actions.

From this account, the executive authority issued a statement confirming this “It carried out all related procedures in accordance with the political constitution of the Republic and the internal legal system, with regard to the electoral process and its results.”

Moreover, it explains in detail that Govt “It respects the independence of state agencies, independent and decentralized institutions.”

He adds that after the Supreme Electoral Tribunal announced the official results of the elections, “the government of Guatemala undertook a transparent, systematic and orderly transition process, Unique in history, its methodology, designed in three stages, sought to ensure adherence to the principle of alternation of power.

The final report on this process was delivered on December 6 to Vice President-elect Karen Herrera. In the presence of Luis Almagro, Secretary-General of the Organization of American States.

“Government of Guatemala He respected the results officially announced by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal for both the presidential duo and the 340 mayors, as well as the 160 elected representatives.Details of the statement.

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It is also stated that with regard to municipal corporations, the Government, in coordination with the Comptroller General, the Secretariat of Executive Coordination of the Presidency (SCEP), the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP) and the National Association of Municipalities (ANAM), Organizing training workshops for elected mayors “so that elected authorities for the first time have all the necessary tools to contribute to their municipal performance”.

“The Government of the Republic of Guatemala strongly rejects the hasty statements of some actors of the international community regarding measures that, according to its statements, It could represent a change in the constitutional system. We reaffirm absolute respect for the political constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, as one of its basic pillars is the transfer of power.“, says the document.

Add: “We call on the international community to exercise caution before issuing statements that would generate internal polarization, and also to verify the government’s political will to comply. With the transition and the transfer of presidential leadership, which has already begun and has received confirmation of the participation of some heads of state.”

We reiterate that in Guatemala there is no measure that can prevent all elected authorities from assuming office.”.