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5 photos of Clara Xia Marti that show her drastic physical change since being girlfriend of Gerard Pique

After what Gerrard Pique Post his relationship with Clara Shea MartySome photos of the young woman began to circulate, from that moment on, netizens did not stop comparing the new partner of the former football player with Shakira, because they showed some similarities, especially in poetry. Now, the new Catalan couple is once again part of the controversy, because they Pictures show the extremist changes physical Since it was Clara Girlfriend from Barcelona.

And this is in the first photos shared online of Clara Shea Marty, the young woman looked completely different from her current form, in fact there are those who say that the young woman underwent a scalpel to improve her image a little. Well, lately you can see the young Spanish woman with a more radiant look, but there are those who say that it is because she also abuses makeup.