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PHOTOS: Oxxo cashier Christmas cripples with a tight gray cap

PHOTOS: Oxxo cashier Christmas cripples with a tight gray cap

Not surprisingly so Alex Silva or Lupita Canos or Dua Lupita, Known as the Oxxo cashierI dreamed of modeling on large catwalks and wearing clothes from designer brands, for many years I have been doing this. On her Instagram profile, you can see many pictures of her wearing cool outfits and contrasts in urban or natural settings. With classic or youth clothes. Her face and figure dictate that she is the hero on the platform or with the work and dedication to come out on open TV or for streaming services. Alex Silva is a gem That its brightness gave us smiles in 2022.

dynamics Lupita Kano With her followers, she has reached the point that in every photo for years she is commented on with hearts and words celebrating her beauty, and even asking her who is the young man who kisses and hugs her on some occasions. What we can untangle from the past cashier oxxo I’ve worked at Pollo Loco, at Cinepolis and other food and service venues, and in each they stand out for their natural beauty and charm.

Alex wore Christmas at the Oxxo store. Photo: Instagramlupana_cano

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Dua Lupita celebrated Christmas with her family

The Oxxo cashier made everyone fall in love with his Christmas look During Christmas dinner with his family and loved ones. The young woman was elegantly dressed in a gray sweater, black shoes, and an attractive black hat. Alex Silva He looked stunning with his new below-the-shoulder haircut and Basic makeup with pink lipstick. His eyes popped out the color of honey in the night.

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Photo: Instagramlupana_cano

Thanks to the fame he achieved on his social networks Viral videos on TikTok From his place of work, which is an Oxxo store in the commune Caderita, Nuevo Leon, Alex He appeared on two national television networks telling his magical story and with that his fame grew even more, achieving nearly a million followers on TikTok and reaching 94 thousand fans on Instagram. Alex looked stunning at the top of the bar as a series of photos were taken of him.

Alex took a selfie with Santa. Photo: Instagramlupana_cano
Alex has received many gifts. Photo: Instagramlupana_cano
Alex looks great. Photo: Instagramlupana_cano

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