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Daddy Yankee dedicates a touching letter to his wife after his official retirement

As his official retirement from the music scene began, Daddy Yankee took a moment to dedicate some touching words to his wife, Meredes Gonzalez, of her support during his 32-year career.

“I want to remind you who was the real inspiration for my career,” the reggaeton player wrote in a video clip that he uploaded to his official account on Instagram, in which the translator of “Dora” thanks the businesswoman’s company.

“To you, my faithful companion. Thank you for your love and understanding that covered all my shortcomings. Thank you for being my best friend at my falls. Without your encouragement, I would not have woken up. Thank you for waiting faithfully for me when I had to find bread for us all. Thank you for being my best ally, in All the steps we took together,” said urban genre advocates.

The words of Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez, the first name of “El Big Boss”, occur days after the conclusion of his “La ultima Vuelta” concert tour in Latin America, Canada and the United States at the FTX Arena, in Miami, Florida, which was played extensively, with A total of 85 sold-out performances.

“Thank you for your patience and tolerance. When my personality, without realizing it, wanted to impose itself. Thank you for giving me the happiest moments of my life. From being a teenager to becoming a man. Thanks to that neighborhood that united us out of poverty, because in that exact place I found my true fortune Thank you because every time you helped me, and every day that passed, I learned to appreciate you more. Thank God for putting my partner on my path, without her my destiny would not have been completed.”

“And I have read so many times that you had to meet me on the road, and people do not know that the lucky one was me who found the diamond on the farm. You are the most beautiful song in my life, I want you to be mine forever.”

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