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5 Non-Negotiables for Your Emotional Balance… Are You Clear About It?

We spend our lives Balancing ourselves emotionally. It is natural and healthy. the Feelings come and go with greater and lesser intensity throughout the day, and if we know how to deal with it emotional smartnessis a continuous fit for Self-development Based on wisdom of life. Acknowledging them, letting them be and letting them go is it healthy cycle of his presence in our lives. But what happens when that doesn’t happen? that it encystthey stumble and grow, and they can even unbalance you entirely Emotional world. in those cases, Go to a professional It can be of great help. Whatever our case, there are some Habits They will always play for us Psychological health and proper functioning of our emotional intelligence. the Psychologist Anna Belen Medialdea invite them 5 Negotiable in good mental health. “I’ve been able to verify that when someone ignores any of these non-negotiables consistently over time, He suffers from stress“.

5 Non-Negotiables About Your Mental Health (And Your Emotional Balance)

in his book The five seasons of self-esteemthis expert points out the 5 non-negotiables that form the basis of the commodity Mental health. Are these:

  1. Sleep for at least 7 hours. “Sleep is relaxing and helps us process useful and useless thoughts, so when we don’t sleep well, we feel more obsessive and anxious.” anxiety. In addition, lack of sleep affects our motivation and concentration and can cause it irritability“.
  2. healthy food. “When you have an eating disorder, that’s when you get one of those thousands Miracle diet which are not accompanied by follow-up by a nutritionist, when You stop eating out of laziness Or why You don’t have time to cookIf you neglect yourself, you will stop loving yourself.”
  3. Do the exercises. Exercise is a Natural medicine. It doesn’t matter if there is no sport that you like, the important thing is that you get your body moving. You can go out to He walksOr do stretching, yoga, or just dance.”
  4. small moments of sweet nianti. “Enjoying doing nothing is an art that allows us to connect with ourselves. We need to be able to allow ourselves the small moments each day to rest without sleep, to do nothing productive, to relax, to be calm, to be in touch with life and with our nature.”
  5. Do something you love every day. “What little thing am I going to do for myself today? It is very important that you ask yourself this question every day and do for yourself the most you can think of.” Small and easy put into practice.”
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