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32 migrants were intercepted on a bus in Las Cruces

32 migrants were intercepted on a bus in Las Cruces

Step.- Border Patrol agents located 32 immigrants with false documents Thursday in the El Paso sector assigned to the Las Cruces Station checkpoint.

On May 4, agents manning a checkpoint on Interstate 25 conducted an immigration search on a commercial bus. Agents found several people who had filed a Notice of Action Form I-797C.

Those who submitted forms applied for immigration benefits online but found that their application was not finalized or issued to them.

The investigation found that the subjects were assisted in obtaining the documents by individuals in El Paso, Texas.

All the migrants were from Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia and were transported to a central processing center for further registration.

Over the years, the Border Patrol in the El Paso field has seen a variety of smuggling tactics used by transnational criminal organizations. This includes false information and fraudulent documents issued to migrants.

According to USCIS, the I-797C Notice of Action form is only a receipt for an applicant submitted to USCIS and cannot determine whether that applicant is eligible.

Immigration benefit.

Often, a lack of understanding of our immigration and asylum laws is used by transnational criminal organizations as an opportunity to profit from migrants. These organizations take advantage of immigrants’ lack of understanding of the laws and make false promises of a safe and easy journey to the United States.

“Smuggling organizations lie to immigrants seeking safe passage, implying that America’s borders are open when they are not for illegal entry,” said El Paso Department Chief Anthony Scott Good.

“We are focused on applying consequences to those who enter the country illegally between ports of entry, and will prosecute individuals who provide fraudulent documents to immigrants as part of an illegal smuggling scheme.”

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US Customs and Border Protection appreciates the assistance of the community. Citizens are encouraged to report suspicious activity to the US Border Patrol while remaining anonymous by calling 1-800-635-2509.