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2024 USA Visa Lottery Results at what time today?

Learn how to know if you are one of the winners of the 2024 Visa Lottery

The great anticipation among the citizens of many Latin American countries and among the people of the world increases by the hour. today, Saturday 6th Maywill be known United States Visa Lottery Results 2024It is available on the official website Diversity Visa Program: https://dvprogram.state.gov/

“Participants DV-2024 They can enter their confirmation information on May 6, 2023. DV-2024 participants Must retain their confirmation number at least till September 30, 2024,” read the statement on the official page draw conclusions.

According to information from the Embassy America In Peru, the results will be known From noon on Saturday 6 May. To do this, you need to have it on hand Confirmation or Verification Number And enter the official website. This process is free and no payment is required. The diplomatic agency advises participants not to make payments to strangers or apps.

From May 6 you will be able to know the results of the 2024 visa lottery for USA

From it to know whether he is one of the elect Visa to USAYou have to follow the steps in Diversity Visa Program website. Click more DV instructions For specific and updated guidance.

  • Check the status of your DV application. This Saturday, May 6, participants can check their status TV request Check if they are selected using the entry level check dvprogram.state.gov/ESC . Participants must have their confirmation number to access information through entry level verification. This is the only website where diversity visa participants are notified of their selection, given instructions on how to proceed with their application and the date and time of their immigrant visa interview appointment. Please note that US State Department results cannot be provided to participants TV Do not provide your confirmation number.
  • Visa interview appointment notification. The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) will notify those selected Visa Lottery Your scheduled interview via email with instructions on what to do next. Click here for more information About notification and planning process.
  • Be prepared. The Chosen Ones on TV have to bring it all Necessary documents For your interview, be prepared.
  • Check local instructions. Review all local interview instructions on our website. remember Some of the information included in these instructions applies to immigrant visa classifications other than diversity visas. If you have questions about the country-specific information included here, please contact the embassy, ​​consulate or office providing consular services where you are applying for your visa.
  • Schedule a medical examination. Schedule a medical examination at least 15 days before your visa interview with an approved physician at a US embassy, ​​consulate, or office providing consular services. A list of approved doctors can be found on our website.
  • Follow the post-interview instructions. Click here For general information on the “After Interview” process. Please direct any questions to the U.S. embassy, ​​consulate, or consular service office where you conducted the interview.
This is how Peruvians can access the US visa lottery
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The State Department’s Visa Service Office has also warned about this An increase in fraudulent emails and letters sent to applicants for the Diversity Visa (TV) program (Visa Lottery). Scammers pose as the US government to extort money from applicants, so users are urged to review the DV program rules and procedures to learn what to expect, when to expect it, and from whom.

DV applicants may receive an email from the US government reminding them to check their status online through the DV Participant Status Checker, and will not receive a notification letter or email informing them that they are a successful DV Participant. Candidates can only check their status online through DV Entry Status Check and find out whether they are selected to proceed with DV processing. https://dvprogram.state.gov .

Finally, remember that ratios DV Application Process Paid to the US Embassy or Consulate cashier at the time of your scheduled appointment. The U.S. government will never ask you to send an advance payment by check, money order, or wire transfer.