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31 minutes of mourning: Puppeteer Armando Joffrey dies

31 minutes of mourning: Puppeteer Armando Joffrey dies

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Series members31 minutesYou go through tough times after confirmation Armando Joffrey dies, the creator Dolls From the popular Chilean production, it happened Coronavirus victim At the age of 44.

Today is a very sad day for 31 minutes. Armando Joffrey Doll maker From the series From Our Origins, he has passed away at the age of 44 Covid-19 productIt reads in an account Twitter From the program.

With his craft and art generously handled, Armando was an essential piece in the creation of our characters. In these painful moments, his family and others embrace heaven, wishing him eternal life. You will always be with us“.

31 minutesIt is one of the most successful programs of the twenty-first century, as it transcends the borders of Chile, increasing its popularity throughout Latin america.

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