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Louis Miguel.  The unknown musical side of his younger brother Sergio

Louis Miguel. The unknown musical side of his younger brother Sergio

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The the second season From the series about life Louis Miguel Started with the right foot, because in addition to attracting the attention of thousands of viewers, The first two chapters clarified the details of the singer’s life Who refused to treat for many years.

Additionally, one aspect of the plot that struck viewers was the relationship between Sun With his younger brother, Sergio Gallego Pastere, Who has shied away from the public spotlight, albeit at some point in his life Try to develop a musical career. This was called by the producer who collaborated with him at the time, Salvador Yannis, During an interview with Sweating.

“He was very young, and my mother had a good relationship The Doctor (Octavio Fonserrada)So he (Octavio) used to go to my mom’s house a lot and that way I met him (Sergio), “” the producer remembers how he met Sergio.

And Ellis noted that during the family reunion, “Sergio sang and everyone came back. He always had a great voice and a great feeling when singing. “

After witnessing his vocal talent, Salvador Gallego invited Pastere to collaborate on a song titled “Car accident “from the group Decathlon. Then they recorded other songs:I have them there, however They are covers of baggy jackets or mariachis“.

At that time he was a big fan of his brother, and he always addressed him with great admiration. He told me that he was very happy there in Boston, because he was studying music, and that he would like to pursue a career Technical “.

But long before the relationship between Sun Sergio refused. “I never asked what happened, just We knew it wasn’t a good classroom, and the terms weren’t good. But the reason I did not know before. The musician said it was difficult for them, “As for Octavio and Sergio, I don’t think they expected that.”

“There was some annoyance, there was a complaint from Luis Miguel about whether Sergio was dedicated to music. Shortly after “Car Crash” was recorded, he started saying, “I think we’re going to record a song.” We were planning something very cool when that report appeared in the well-known magazine. “

“They are taking pictures of him outside his home, outside of work, and this is where I think he’s afraid. If this report doesn’t come out, we might have a Sergio album.”

Finally, Salvador Lanes expressed his hope that they will not portray Sergio in the Luis Miguel series as a “bad” person, because he is “a good-hearted man.” He was one of the main victims of all the situations that arose around Luis Miguel“.

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