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3 ways to make your brakes last longer

3 ways to make your brakes last longer

It should be of utmost importance to all motorists that the brake system in their vehicle operates properly at all times. You should not wait until you have had a bad braking experience to make sure everything is in top condition.

Like other systems, problems can arise with the brakes that jeopardize their operation. However, it is important to do everything necessary so that they do not fail you and so that they remain in good shape for a longer time.

For this, Here we tell you four ways to keep your brakes on your car so they last longer.

1.- Speed ​​can be fatal to your brakes

Speed ​​raises your brakes, but kills them. Sudden braking, during acceleration or speed, puts relentless pressure on the brake pads, causing significant brake wear.

Anyway, speed is not a recommended practice anyway. When your car is going fast, if the brakes are needed, it becomes abrupt, because you may not be prepared for it. When that happens, you’re obviously braking hard and wearing down the brakes.

Moving within the speed limit is a great way to make your brakes last longer.

2.- light engine

The heavier your car is, the more pressure is applied to the brakes. A truck needs more stopping power than a sedan and this weight can be the weight of the vehicle or the weight you are carrying in it.

Driving with an unnecessary load in your car has a negative impact not only on the brakes but also on the tires and fuel. It may seem like a small change, but it adds to the car’s long-term life.

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3.- Disinfect brake fluid

Renew your brake fluid regularly, especially if you have an older car. When you change your old brake fluid regularly, you keep your brakes and all of their components in good shape.

The fact that brake fluid attracts water makes it necessary to change this fluid every few years to make your brakes last longer.


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