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El aire acondicionado puede empezar a fallar en los días de más calor.

3 of the most common malfunctions in car air conditioners

Air conditioning in cars It’s a feature that helps make time inside the car enjoyable thanks to the temperatures inside the cabin.

Like most car systems, air conditioning also wears out and needs maintenance to keep it working properly. However, with time and use, The air conditioner can fail and its repairs can be somewhat expensive.

And the best is Keep the air conditioning in good condition Find out what can go wrong to prepare.

For this, Here we tell you three of the most common failures of car air conditioners.

1.- Fresh air fan but not cold

If the air conditioner is set to full cooling and the fans are full, but blowing only moderately cool air:

– Make sure the condenser or radiator cooling fans are running when the air conditioner is running.
Look for restrictions such as leaves, insects, or dirt that prevent air from passing over the condenser.
Check the cabin air filter to make sure it is not clogged.

2.- HVAC compressor

When diagnosing an air conditioning problem, it is easiest to start with the compressor:

With the engine running, run the air conditioner at maximum cooling, set the fans to high, and make sure the clutch is engaged on the compressor. If the clutch engages and disengages once every few seconds, this is a sign of a low coolant level. You will also notice the low lateral pressure on the gauge drop quickly as the clutch is engaged, reach a very low pressure point, then disengage and the pressure rises. As you add more refrigerant, the gauge will remain stable, with the compressor running, and should remain at the recommended pressure.

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If the clutch does not engage and the system has coolant, use a voltmeter to check the compressor voltage. If there is voltage, the clutch may be bad, but if not, it may be a bad cycle switch, a fuse, or you may not have enough coolant pressure.

3- Leaks in the air conditioning system

Leaks are the most common problem associated with an air conditioning system.

Using an AC leak detection kit is the easiest way to find a leak. Simply follow the instructions on the package to introduce the UV dye into the system and the UV light to find the leak.


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