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El compresor es el encargado de comprimir el gas del aire acondicionado.

What is the approximate cost of replacing the air conditioning compressor in your car?

An automobile air conditioning system consists of several elements that work together so that there is either cold or hot air in the vehicle.

However, there are some parts that are more important than others. air conditioning compressorfor example, compresses the refrigerant and keeps it moving through the entire system.

The compressor is an important part of making an air conditioner work. of your car and if you run into problems with it on a hot day, you’ll want to know more about how to replace it if it breaks, and where you can buy it of course, How much will you spend on a new one?

For this, here we tell you What is the approximate cost of replacing the air conditioning compressor for your car.

Changing the air conditioning compressor can be complicated depending on the parts needed to perform the repair correctly. This can vary slightly depending on the vehicle you are driving and the location of the compressor on the engine.

In general, for a workshop to Correctly change the air conditioning compressor and related components, rinsing and refilling system It will cost between $750 and $1,500 USD. Depending on the model and the cost of parts in general, this cost may be higher.

Also, the cost of parts, rinse, and coolant typically ranges from $350.00 to $650.00.

It is important to think about it That if the compressor suffers an internal failure, all lines and system components will need to be cleaned properly to remove contaminants. Not doing so is a foolproof ticket to another failing compressor, as these same contaminants will damage a new compressor.

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In general, please note the following parts, which It must be changed when replacing the compressor:

– Complete set of air conditioning compressor
– All necessary seals to connect the lines
Receiver accumulator or dryer
– Orifice tube (if any)


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