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YouTube is testing another way to deal with ad blockers

YouTube is testing another way to deal with ad blockers

YouTube may be about to launch a massive crackdown on people who use ad blockers.

Reports emerged last month that Youtube It was implementing popups to warn about the use of ad blockers. But now he’s taking the action one step further.

A revised notification says that an ad blocker has been detected, but now warns that the video player will stop working after three video streams unless the user adjusts the ad blocker settings to allow YouTube ads or disables the ad blocker altogether.

Alternatively, YouTube says, users can go ad-free by joining YouTube Premiumwhich costs $12 per month or $120 per year.


In a widely circulated statement, YouTube confirmed that it is conducting a “mini global experiment” that requires users to adjust ad blocker settings or sign up for a streaming site’s premium tier.

Anyone who receives the notification but is not using an ad blocker should click the “Report a Problem” link at the bottom.

In-stream ads are at the heart of YouTube’s business. In fact, their notice also states, “Ads allow YouTube to remain free for billions of users around the world.”

Android Authority, which first reported In what could be the start of a widespread crackdown on users of ad blockers, he pointed to how the Google-owned company was forced to shut down popular third-party app YouTube Vanced last year.

YouTube Vanced acted as a modified version of the actual YouTube app, offering features including ad-free play. The company behind the app received a cease and desist letter that forced them to stop developing and distributing the software.

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YouTube always adjusts how ads are shown, including length and skip ability. Last month, it announced that it would launch non-skippable TV commercials that run 30 seconds long, twice as long as usual. Ads are more likely to appear with content that has been shown to be popular on the platform.

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